We are a new culture of investment
We are a new culture
of investment.


We are Ventureland.

We are an investment engine with a difference. We invest in fabulous ideas and passionate entrepreneurs. We fund, partner and guide the efforts of budding business women and men and their businesses, to create great brands and great economic value.

And here’s how we are different. We prefer the old-fashioned, yet solid way of ‘creating value’ to the trendy, yet flaky idea of ‘creating valuation’. Because while we are here to do business, we wouldn’t ever take common sense out of the equation.

Ventureland Asia


We are a marketing opportunity fund.

Plenty of Branding

Plenty of Branding
and Advertising

Plenty of Venture

Plenty of Venture
Capital Firms and

Blue Ocean Strategy

The only firm that understands the world of creativity and the world of finance.

Investment Criteria

Investment Criteria

  • Branding and Communications being integral to the success of the business
  • Undersupply of Marketing Expertise at the founder level
  • Revenue rate of at least:
    $2 million per annum - For early Stage
    $ 8 million per annum – For mid Stage
    $ 15 million per annum – For late stage
  • Confidence in exit ability
  • Clear and visible path to break even on our investments
  • Positive Unit Economics
Go to Market

Go to Market

  • Ventureland Asia will invest and or co-invest with larger investment companies in Series A rounds.
  • It is at this stage that most companies need to start investing in advertising, branding and communications.
  • In general, Advertising and Promotions is one of the most expensive variable costs to the company and at that stage, having an investor run it is a win-win for both the target company as well as the larger fund.


We are the dream team behind enterprising ideas.

While funding plays a huge role in growing a business, we know that building a brand and creating long term real value needs creativity, ingenuity and intelligence in equal measure. With our legacy of creating, launching and refreshing successful brands with the power of creativity, we believe Ventureland Asia is poised to make a definitive mark in the world of funding and to your venture.

Dr Bala Subramanian

Dr Bala

Chief Investment Officer

Sajan Raj Kurup

Sajan Raj

Founder & Managing Partner

Srijib Mallik


Chief Executive Officer



We invest in passionate entrepreneurs.

Masala Baby

A Giant Leap in Baby Steps:
Masala Baby

Masala Baby is Ventureland Asia’s first venture. Led by New York’s noted fashion entrepreneur, Dipali Patwa and her strong all-women team...



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We are a high-performance team with a proven track record in catapulting consumer-focused B2C Businesses


We are aware of a large and attractive opportunity set of under-researched, mid-stage startups which are hidden gems with a great business potential waiting to be unlocked with a good marketing intervention.


We make a differentiated investment made up of private equity styled evaluation with active engagement in management.


We leverage insights and relationships in the branding and marketing process which is the single largest cost for the target investees.

Masala Baby

Masala Baby is Ventureland Asia’s first venture. Led by New York’s noted fashion entrepreneur, Dipali Patwa and her strong all-women team, Masala Baby creates organic clothes for children. Apart from the financial investments made, we back the business’ marketing strategy - brand and digital, and the online retail infrastructure design. We will also aid in taking Masala Baby to the next round of funding and help in the geographical expansion of the brand from the US and Canada to key markets across Europe, UK, Japan, the Middle East and India.

Entourage Films

Ventureland has made investments into Entourage Films to help them scale up in their ambition and diversify into producing long format content for the internet and television. Entourage Films is a talented group of like-minded people working towards achieving brilliance in filmmaking. With production efficiency at the core, they experiment with technique and style, and are on top of market trends and viewer behaviour.

Sajan Raj Kurup

Principal, Ventureland Asia

A believer in the power of creativity, Kurup founded Creativeland in 2007 to offer a platform for creative people to come together and design solutions for problems plaguing the world at large and brands in particular. Ever since, Kurup has been instrumental in extending the company’s activities from Advertising, Brand Management and Design, to Brand Incubation and Licensing, to Film Production, Digital Media and Events.

Srijib Mallik

Chief Executive Officer, Ventureland Asia

Srijib has worked in Advertising, Marketing and the Insurance Industry across Singapore, London and India. A creative thinker and strategic leader with an outstanding record of developing new business, managing organizational change, and driving revenue growth and profitability. He is a Sloan Fellow from the prestigious London Business School. In his previous role as COO of Creativeland, Srijib was in charge of the P&L where the top line tripled in 4 years and averaged profits of 27%. He has been an integral part of Creativeland since 2013.

Dr Bala Subramanian

Chief Investment Officer, Ventureland Asia

Dr Bala holds a doctorate in economics from NUS, is also a company secretary, a lawyer and a management accountant from the US. He has been advising clients on International Contracting, Management Consulting, Project Management, Corporate Finance, Treasury Ops, Fundraising, Startup Capitalisation (VC/Seed Funds), Financial Restructuring, Business Planning, Risk Management, etc. He has also served as the CFO at Wieden & Kennedy from 2008-2014.